Select students who want to become a student teacher may earn an allowance of up to $25.00 dollars per half hour lesson taught under Ms Ching's close direction. Only well disciplined students will be awarded this internship and special title as a Ching Song Piano Studio Student Teacher (S.S.T. Song Student Teacher). You must also have a minimum of a B average on all academic work. Candidates must declare their interest via the contact form on this site.  Student teacher interns are selected and appointed solely at the direction of Ms. Ching. The sheet music posted quarterly on this bulletin must be learned and performed flawlessly by candidates. You will be randomly asked to show your progress after you declare interest in the SST internship.  Achieving your position as a SST opens an important door in your future. Become an SST will provide you with recommendations and recognition; a step to a career in piano, and any college major and career you choose.  Good luck. Work hard.